City-hopping in Portugal (Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto)

Portugal! I've visited this country for Azores, which I wrote in detail in my previous blogs, and as my 25th country out of the 26 Schengen states. I'm down to my last Schengen country and I will finally complete it tomorrow! My flight from Azores to Lisbon arrived at 9:00 AM on 11 February and … Continue reading City-hopping in Portugal (Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto)


Azores Solo Motorcycle Trip Day 4

Date of trip: 10 February 2018 Distance covered: 184 km Last day! My body pain intensified and I started to regret putting the farthest destinations on my last day. I wasn't as nervous but I just felt so tired so I told myself that I wouldn't force it and simply see how the day would … Continue reading Azores Solo Motorcycle Trip Day 4